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Monday, August 20, 2007

Oly Oly Oxen Free

It seems as though there is an endless game of tag running rampant through the blogosphere. At least once a month, one of my blog friends punches me in the arm as they zip past, shouting "tag, you're it." These memes still remind me of chain letters, which I have always hated. Therefore, I will respond to Lost Clown as I have with past rounds of the game, by posting my random list without tagging anyone else. The buck shall stop with me.

Four Jobs I Have Had
US Census Taker
Set Designer/Technical Director for Community Theatre
Tenor in a church choir (funny since I'm an atheist)
Salesman at baby/pregnancy supply store

Four Places I Have Lived
Fallston, MD
Knoxville, TN
the Appalachian Trail
Portland, ME

Four of My Favorite Foods
cheese ravioli
beef with broccoli stir fry
chicken Parmesan
Hot and Spicy Chex Mix (I make it a meal, believe me.)

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now
Grand Teton National Park
Times Square
the Outback
Anywhere in New Zealand

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over Again
Dead Poets' Society
Die Hard
Napoleon Dynamite

Four TV Shows I Like to Watch
Prison Break
So You Think You Can Dance

Four Websites I Visit Daily
Angry for a Reason

Four Early Musical Influences
the Beatles
Billy Joel

Four Computers I have Had
Commodore Vic 20
Tandy PC
Dell PC
iMac (soon)

And there you have it, folks. Yet another glimpse into the intricate and disturbing psyche of me.


Andy said...

Crazy Bob's Baby Emporium! Represent!

Just so you know, I still get a lot of mileage telling the baby crier/lactation stories at parties. I'm sure you get similar mileage out of the shoplifting stories :)

lost clown said...

aww shucks, really?