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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

I received this lovely image from a friend today to commemorate the start of my fourth decade upon this Earth. Many people have asked me how I am handling this milestone birthday, and my typically nerdly response has been that it only appears significant due to our use of the base-10 counting system. Seriously, though, I see it as just another day in a life that is being lived well. I have no real regrets and I have been steadily crossing things off of life's "to do" list. My plan is to devote the next thirty years to helping kids understand how math can help them cross things of of theirs.

So here's to the big 3-0.


Andy said...

Happy birthday, you old salt. :) I've had a few months to adapt to my passing 30 - it's no big deal.

40, however, will bring on more overt thoughts of mortality. :)

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday Tony! Loving your plan for the next thirty years - may all of your wishes come true.

Anonymous said...

been wondering how old you are ..

I hail from Mass, but am currently a high school math teacher in the Bay Area (CA). My colleagues and I have recently discovered your blog -- enjoying the mix of extraordinary insight and articulation, and the contagious idealism. So glad you're on our team.

Happy Day of Birth .. I'm 42 and it's really not that bad. With the right attitude/approach, teaching keeps you really young!


lost clown said...

Happy belated birthday Tony! I hope this is a good year for you.

And I never really paid attention to 'milestones' (like my 30th a few years ago) much either.