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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Best Laid Plans

School starts in just over a week. At that point, my plan was to cut back to a maximum of 30 hours a week at Pottery Barn. I figured that would allow me to keep my health insurance as well as help pay back the student loans I will be receiving. Most of my first year will be review, so I should be able to handle the load.

That was my plan, and like many plans it has gone awry.

Two weeks ago, my immediate supervisor put in his notice. If you've ever worked retail before, you know that the holiday season begins soon, and that put us without a stockroom manager for the busiest time of year. As it turns out there is already an intelligent, hard working fellow familiar with the stockroom. I think you see where I'm going with this. The promotion means that I will have to work a full 40 hour week, but I will be making half again as much as I am right now. The offer is just too good for me to pass up. My boss has known about my school schedule for some time, and she is perfectly willing to work around it. She has even given me the first week of classes off, so that I can acclimate myself to college without worrying about work. So come the second week of September, I will be working full-time and carrying a 16 hour course load.

Don't tell my adviser.


Rebecca said...

Congratulations? Maybe? You can practice up on being an authority figure now. ;)

Jackie Ballarini said...

Good Luck Tony! It can be done. We'll understand if the frequency of your posting drops. Sad, but understanding.

Anonymous said...


Mazel Tov! I am sure your baptism by fire in my father's stockroom will serve you well in this new position. If you can handle Crazy Bob's stockroom, you can handle anyone's :) Jenga, anyone?

Zeno said...

You, my good man, are completely wack! It is a killer of a schedule and will drive you mad.

Of course, you're also right that it's an opportunity you can't pass up. Good luck!

I held a full-time job while going to grad school (ostensibly also full time) and it was rough at times. But if *I* could do it...