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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gravity Suspended

Physicists the world over have been scratching their heads this Fall, as our current understanding of gravity has been shattered. The most famous of the fundamental forces, gravity has long been a source of curiosity for the eager young scientist. Newton took the first successful crack at it with his infamous apple and Einstein came along to sure up the theory for later generations. All was going well until recently.

A month or so ago, an extremely focused disruption in the gravity field allowed blogger and student, Tony Lucchese, to literally fall off of the face of the Earth. It is unclear as to what caused the disturbance, but what is clear is that Lucchese has been MIA for several weeks. Scientists from CalTech to CERN are working around the clock to rectify the problem. Until then, we can only wait.


Jackie Ballarini said...

I'm anxiously awaiting the results. I hope that the universe he is occupying is a happy one.

Rebecca said...

I figured that whole going-to-school-full-time-while-working-full-time-too thing must have gotten to you. Glad that you've returned to this universe, however temporary this return may be :)

Anonymous said...

when gravity fails,
i generally count on negativity
to pull me through. so far so good.