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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect

When I volunteered to lead a study group for my physics class, I wasn't reallly expecting anyone to show up. Not a single person asked me for help last semester, even though it was obvious by my test scores that I was significantly ahead of the curve. So I was planning on essentially having a study hall after class each day where I could get other work done. Surprisingly, I have had several customers and at least one new person each day.

I am becoming more and more certain that I love teaching. It gives me such a high when a student leaves the room feeling more confident about the material than when they arrived. In many ways, they are helping me more than I'm helping them.


lost clown said...

What physics are you taking?

Mr. Lucchese said...

Straight from the departmental horse's mouth:

Physics 123 is a calculus-based introductory physics course that discusses electricity, magnetism, and optics. Calculus is used freely and frequently, so if you have not taken or are not currently enrolled in calculus, you should consider Physics 112.

lost clown said...

Hey! Those are the labs I'm helping to retool! Physics 123, E&M.

Knight, "Physics for Science and Engineering?"