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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Writing to Learn Math

I have a new tutoring student starting tomorrow. She has always gotten A's in math, but she works very hard to do so. Next fall, she begins Algebra I and her parents have opted to put her into the accelerated program, fearing she would be bored in the standard pace. To give her a bit of a head start, they asked me to work with her once a week for the rest of the summer. We got a copy of the actual textbook she will use from the school and I have started preparing some lessons.

Since I have curriculum design on the brain, I am making a concerted effort to design an actual curriculum, rather than just work through the text. Her favorite subject is language arts and she loves to write. As a pre-assessment, in addition to having her complete a skills review, I have asked to read some of her writing. I don't have a lot of time to get to know her and I thought that might help. Additionally, I have purchased a bound sketchbook which I am going to make her math journal. I want her to keep all of her notes and assignments in it, but I also want her to have a place to jot down her thoughts and questions about math. Ideally, it will be equal parts mathematical notation and writing.

I'll let you know how she responds to it.

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