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Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Morning with ETS

So I got to spend my morning with Henry Goddard's present day disciples (i.e. the good people at the Educational Testing Service.) But that's starting in the middle of the story.

By the time I registered for my tests, all of the local testing dates had passed. The only date available prior to the start of grad school was at a center in Salem, MA. Unfortunately, it was a week before my wedding and on the day of another wedding I was to attend. Nonetheless, I felt it was the best choice in the long run. Plus it was months away, so I had plenty of time to study.

Without too much more adieu, this morning arrived. My alarm went off at 4:30am and I suddenly realized that I hadn't really studied as much as I probably should have. Still, I sharpened my number 2 pencils and hit the road. On the way, I dropped off my lovely fiance at the marine animal rescue center where she volunteers. Google Map print-out and toll money in the passenger seat, I tooled on down the highway.

I had planned to get there with time to spare, but after several wrong turns, I arrived with seconds to spare. If you have ever tried to navigate through New England as a visitor, you know my pain. These states seem to make a game of obscuring road signs. As you are flowing through traffic, you must somehow glimpse the tiny non-reflective sign hidden behind two hedgerows, one giant oak tree, and any one of a dozen quaint New England landscaping features that that seem to exist solely to frustrate visiting drivers. Still, in the end I prevailed and arrived at Salem State College on time.

Four hours and 120 lead-filled bubbles later, I headed back home. I really hope I passed, because I don't want to go through this again.

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