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Friday, August 21, 2009

Ropes Courses and Rain Checks

The funny thing about experiential learning is that you never know exactly what kind of experience you're going to get. I am currently sitting on my couch when I had fully intended to be enjoying s'mores around the campfire with my ETEP cohort. Unfortunately, impending thunderstorms and threats of tornadoes sent us scurrying for the cars.

Before the sudden exodus, we had been enjoying a fun filled day of low ropes courses and team building type activities. Some I enjoyed more than others and the high ropes course whispered seductively to me throughout the day, but despite that disappointment, I really do feel as though I got a lot out of the exercises. The lessons we learned could probably have been presented as easily through an in class video or a Powerpoint slide show, but I suspect that what we learned today will be more fluidly transferred to other contexts. Often times, epiphanies made in the classroom never filter out to other environments. I really think the ripples of today's lesson will continue for some time.

Still, I really would have enjoyed a good zip line.

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