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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sometimes Close Enough is Good Enough

Join the exciting adventures of Math Girl. Thanks to ConcernedCTParent at Mindless Math Mutterings for pointing this one out. Check out the second episode here.


Zeno said...

That was quite entertaining, but someone needs to re-dub the bit of dialog when Math Girl says she's at the point "six, square root of 36, which is six, six." The x coord is 36, not 6. Oopsie!

I also can't help wondering why Math Girl doesn't just reach down to see if she can rescue Pat instead of stopping to calculate first whether she can reach him. He could have fallen by the time she finished her calculation.

Anyway, people should know it's dangerous to crawl around on square-root functions!

Roaming Rhonda said...

Nice sshare