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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Who'd Have Thunk It?

So a new list of recommendations has come out which suggests certain incentives for attracting new teachers to the fields of math a science. Topping the list is the most innovative and ground-breaking idea the think-tankers have ever thunk. According to their research, and this is completely unconfirmed data at this point, but anyway it appears as though there is a minute possibility that higher caliber educators may be attracted by higher wages.

I know, that seems ridiculous. Teachers are well-known for their hatred of the almighty dollar. The have always appeared to thrive by living in near impoverished conditions, taking what is left of their meager salaries after taxes and food, and using it to buy supplies for their classrooms. Yes, it certainly is counter-intuitive. Who would have thought that intelligent, passionate, capable people would be enticed by MORE money? It sure is a good thing that we have experts willing to look for solutions outside the box like this. Maybe there's hope for us, yet.

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