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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Meeting Me Halfway

Few subjects are as naturally apolitical as mathematics. It's hard to study history without framing things in terms of current issues and controversies. Even science classes are ripe for ethical debates that force students to choose sides. Not so with math. For example, several times in the last month, my daily random walk through the blogosphere has landed me here. Now politically, the author and I could not be more distinct. Displayed prominently at the top of his tags are posts concerning the ACLU. You don't have to read much to see that they're not his favorite organization. The ACLU is also displayed prominently in my blogroll, only I volunteer for them. In fact, the author and I disagree on almost every subject except math. If I am point A and he is point B, math is our midpoint M. In fact, I've had to add an entirely new page element just to correctly categorize his link.

Math-a uniter not a divider.

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Darren said...

Glad I could add to your *right* column :-)